NIN (n): Nine Inch Nails, a pop-ish alternative industrial-esque band which consists of one constant member, Trent Reznor of Cleveland, Ohio, and any number of people who perform live with him. Each album seems to follow the "I hate myself" line of thought. Released so far (ignoring remix singles) have been "Pretty Hate Machine" (I hate myself and want to die), "Broken" (EP) (I hate myself and I want to kill), and "The Downward Spiral" (I hate myself and I want to f*ck). Singles include "Head Like a Hole", "Sin", "March of the Pigs", and "Closer". Also released was "Fixed", a remix album of "Closer": only recommended for die-hard NIN fans. Recommendations on listening: pick up "Pretty Hate Machine" and "The Downward Spiral" (in that order) and listen. Listen again. Listen again. If you are not an addict yet, perhaps NIN is not for you. If you are, then pick up the "Head like a Hole" single and "Broken", and whatever else you can get your grubby little hands on.

-- Tyler Haulenbeek (originally written for the RMUSIC-L mailing list, subsequently posted to by Robin the Mad Photographer, according to a message I got from Tyler after he saw this page. (grin) Small world...)

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