Welcome to Woody's World of Wonders! This site is going to undergo some fairly major changes over the next few weeks/months, as I start to attack a couple of projects I've had bouncing around in my head for quite some time now. For the moment, a lot of crap that used to be here is going to disappear as the new stuff goes up. So...things are going to be quite a work in progress for a while. Bear with me, but feel free to check them out, if you are so inclined.
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Northern Nights
This is a website most definitely in its infancy - an idea I've had on the back burner for a couple of months now that I'm finally starting to tackle. This will definitely be my largest and most complex site project that I've attempted yet - I just hope it ends up working okay. If you're curious, you're certainly welcome to come in and poke around if you like, but bear in mind that things are far from complete, and probably not very interesting yet. With that said...

Gig's Music Theatre
The web home of Gig's Music Theatre - Anchorage, Alaska's all-ages home for live music! Featuring a wide selection of local talent, plus some of the best DJ's in Anchorage spinning alternative dance tunes before and after the bands! Enter here to find schedules, pictures, band information, rumors of upcoming shows, and whatever else ends up on the site.

My Quotebook
A collection of quotes, saying, witticisms, and other such and sundry things that I have been keeping (with varying regularity) ever since high school. Lots of neat stuff in here, in my admittedly not so humble opinion. (grin) Gotten big enough that it's broken into several pieces...I hope you enjoy it. I do.

[ Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV ]

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