It took a while, but I’ve finally managed to get all of my old archives back online after I [borked things up][1] last month. So, for the _truly_ bored (or possibly just masochistic), you can now use the archive links towards the top right of the page to go through a month-by-month listing of everything I’ve babbled on this site, from November of 2000 to now.

[1]: “Eclecticism: AARRGGHH!!”

Just to make things even more scary, though — because that in itself wasn’t enough for me — all the posts are even categorized. I’ll eventually be getting little icon links up in that archives box for this, but if you (for some godforsaken reason) actually want to go through what I’ve written in a slightly more organized fashion, you can. The categories are (thank you, Vanna): Lifebits (day to day ramblings, personal bits, and what’s going on in the wonderful world of Wüdi), DJbits (anything pertaining to my self-indulgent attempts at entertaining large masses of people [and the occasional massively large person]), Sitebits (my attempts to explain where I’ve botched things up most recently as I play with my webserver), Moviebits (flicks I’ve seen or bought), Trekbits (yup…I’m a trekkie [-er?] too…scared yet?), Quotebits (quotes I’ve collected generally end up here before making it to my quotebook), Humorbits (the stuff I think is funny…your mileage may vary), and Linkbits (places around the ‘net I think are worth a visit).