Well, even though classes don’t _officially_ start until tomorrow, I’m already up and running and beginning to dig into the readings for my classes. Here’s what I’ll be playing with this quarter:

**LAJ302: Criminal Procedure**

> A review of guidelines for police arrest, search, interrogation and identification procedures based upon rules of criminal procedure derived from the U.S. Constitution.

**LAJ400: Research Methods in Criminal Justice**

> This course examines current research in criminal justice and research methods and statistics. Students will critique current methods.

**LAJ403: Sexual Minorities, the Law, and Justice**

> This course examines sexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender/transexual issues related to the legal system. It provides a political and sociological overview of history, morality, law, and law enforcement practices related to sexual orientation.

Plus, I’m TA’ing for LAJ300 (Administration of Criminal Justice), which I just took this last quarter, and tutoring in the Writing Center four days a week. I’ll be busy, but it looks to be an interesting quarter.