Gig's Music Theatre

The 1998 All-School Band Search

Finding the best up and coming talent from local Anchorage High Schools!

Weekly Results
Week 1: Dimond High School
Winner for week #1: Rand and the Wrongdoers!

Honorable mention to the other contestants:
Soylent Grey
Short Fuse

Week 2: Chugiak High School
Winner for week #2: Crossfire!

2nd place: Spork
3rd place: The Betty Crocketts

Honorable mention to the other contestants:
Marilyn Hanson and
The Jackals

Week 3: Colony/Wasilla High School
Winner for week #3: Bad Mojo!

2nd place: Nice Guy Eddie
3rd place: Jef Puff Marshmallow Mich

Honorable mention to the other contestants:
Minimum Wage

Week 4: Polaris/Stellar High School
Winner for week #4: The Strokers!

2nd place: The Mobacrats

Week 5: East/West High Schools
Winner for week #5: Apocalypse!

2nd place: Cooty Protection

Week 6: Service High School
My humble apologies - I forgot to write down who played and won this weekend! Anyone who knows, please e-mail me!
Week 7: Christian Heritage High School
Check back after this weekend's competition for the results!
Week 8: The Finals!
The final championship night! A major battle of the bands between the winners of each week's preliminary competitions! Contestants are (so far): Rand and the Wrongdoers, Crossfire, Band Mojo, The Strokers, Apocalypse, whoever won on Service's night (see above...), and the winner of this weekends competition! Check back after April 11th for the results!

Starting February 21st, 1998, Gig's Music Theatre presents the 3rd Annual All School Band Search. This event is open to all styles of original music, including (but not limited to) Rock, Alternative, Punk, Industrial, Techno, Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, and anything in between. Bands will be judged on Creativity, Stage Performance, Musical Proficiency, Audience Response, and most of all, Originality.
The winner from each high school will move on to the finals to compete for prizes from local businesses, including free musical equipment, future bookings at Gig's, and two 10 hour blocks of recording time at professional studios! Door prizes will be given to audience members on every night of the competition. This is a fun and exciting event so get ready to come down, support the newest talent joining the Anchorage band scene, and help propel your friends and favorite bands to stardom!
Competition runs starting February 21st until the finals on April 11th...
See you there!

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