Johnny Vadnal and His Orchestra: Discotheque for Polka Lovers

Johnny Vadnal and his Orchestra: Discotheque for Polka LoversPolka Everybody!

It was bound to happen. Here it is only a season or two A.D. (After Discotheques) and youngsters are discovering that the older generations know how to enjoy themselves. As a matter of moment, teen-agers are beginning to wallow in that way to wall-to-wall fun—the Polka.

Young America has scoured the earth for discotheque dances. They dipped into Africa for the Watusi. They went zoo-hopping for the Monkey. They set traps for the Mouse. And, despite the water shortage in the Northeastern U.S., they have been doing the Swim. The A-Go-Go’s rock to all of them. Now why shouldn’t the “In” crowd discover the polka? Here’s a Discotheque for Polka Lovers. There’s nothing happier…or more fun.

Down at the Polka Palaces in Milwaukee, Minnesota, Cincinnati and Pennsylvania when they Round Up the Gang and roll out the barrels, the carefree cult bounces around to that big, bubbling beat. When Johnny Vadnal and his orchestra let loose, everything goes but slipped discotheques. Johnny’s long a favorite around Cleveland. He’s the polka lovers’ favorite bandman.

Discotheque for Polka Lovers wraps up a whole collection of fun and games for everyone. Johnny Vadnal and his Polka Players deal out a large assortment of polka rhythms that move! If you do the polka now, you’ll hop to it. If you’ve only a learner’s permit, you’ll find that the polka is just about the most swinging dance there is. Everyone can enjoy this Discotheque for Polka Lovers.

— Mort Goode

Side 1:

  1. Round Up the Gang (2:17)
  2. String-A-Ling Polka (2:21)
  3. Slap Happy Polka (2:35)
  4. Here Goes Polka (2:34)
  5. Dancing on Saturday Night Polka (2:22)

Side Two:

  1. One for the Road Polka (2:32)
  2. Hi-Fi Polka (2:32)
  3. Good Luck to You Polka (2:27)
  4. Jolly Lumberjack Polka (2:48)
  5. The Arcade Avenue Polka (2:44)

RCA Camden Mono CAL-923

(Prairie and I were wandering through the Pike Place Market a few summers ago, and this was sitting out in one of the cheap bins out front of one of the music stores. The title caught our eye, and even though I didn’t have a way to listen to it at that point, we couldn’t pass it up. Once I got a turntable and we could listen to it…well, it’s far more polka-y than disco-y, and not something that is high on my regular listening pile, but it’s still worth a laugh.)

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  1. Tony
    Posted March 23, 2010 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the memory’s. Grew up listening to John, Franki, Ritchy and the band on WEWS TV in Cleveland, Ohio back in the 1950’s. This stuff they call music today is sad. What is more sad is that someday that will be someone’s good old days music. Tony

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