Monthly Archives: March 2009


Musicians as determinedly spontaneous as Salvation by necessity must make music that reflects their own personalities and Salvation’s music is joyous and ‘good timey.’ But perhaps the best comment on its flavor came from the Berkeley poet John Thompson who stopped by and chanced to hear the test pressing. He was fascinated and when it was over he murmured, ‘It’s like a birthday present!’ And it is, isn’t it?

The Music of Cosmos

Human music is an expression of our thoughts and our feelings, a combination that is the distinction of our species. We dedicate this record to the musicians of Planet Earth.

Anything Goes! The Dave Brubeck Quartet plays Cole Porter

It’s been said it’s dangerous to put old wine in new bottles. But after several samplings of this album there seems to be some doubt about the statement, especially since the vino in question is splendidly aged Cole Porter and the vessel the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Star Trek Story Record BR 513

This action-packed book and record set includes a full color illustrated book and a 12” 33 1/3 L.P. record especially designed so you can read the story and hear the record - follow along word for word! The action comes alive before your eyes.

The Banjo Barons: Banjos Back in Town

Listen for the startling clarity of the banjos as they strum their way through this happy music—36 all time favorites—in duets and trios of sparkling fun. Along the way there are occasional throbs from the organ and some doo-wacka-doo trumpet that add to the entertainment. Banjos are back in town, better than ever!