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Three Promos: Barbie, McDonald’s, and Life Cereal

A bit of a departure from the norm (such as it is): three promotional discs from the 1980s. The Barbie record is on floppy blue plastic, the McDonald’s and Life Cereal contest entry records are pressed onto cardboard.

The Best of Bloopers

The material in this recording is authentic and was gathered from kinescopes, sound tracks, video tapes, and other bonifide sources…It is dedicated as a sympathetic tribute to members of the broadcasting industry who have been the victim of these classic boners.

The Music of Cosmos

Human music is an expression of our thoughts and our feelings, a combination that is the distinction of our species. We dedicate this record to the musicians of Planet Earth.


Break dancing is the combination of gymnastics and free-style street dancing—the marriage of athletics and cool. The kids who break are old enough to have the power and strength necessary but young enough to take it. From Old Style to 1990 action, breaking sets the body up for moves from ballet smooth to high-stress acrobatics. And with the New York City Breakers, you know that the moves will be on and most definitely in check.