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Tim Conway and Ernie Anderson: Are We On?

Tim was brought to my attention a few years ago by Rosemarie, who had just seen him on Station WJW-TV in Cleveland. I sent for a video-tape, watched literally two minutes of it, and immediately issued instructions to add Tim to our regular TV company. Since the only person in the room at the moment was the janitor, my instructions meant nothing, but Conway eventually came out to Hollywood anyway.

American Songs to Sing

Ten traditional American folk tunes sung by John Cohen and the New Lost City Ramblers, Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, Robert Michael Jones and Richard Shulberg, Alan Mills, Hermes Nye, Pete Seeger, and Adelaide Van Way.

A Journey Into Stereo Sound

For over 12 years, London’s ffrr has been the world renowned symbol for the finest in high fidelity monaural recording. Today, with the advent of the stereo record, London’s technical knowledge and skill brings forth Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound…identified by ffss…the symbol for the finest in high fidelity stereophonic recording.

Three Promos: Barbie, McDonald’s, and Life Cereal

A bit of a departure from the norm (such as it is): three promotional discs from the 1980s. The Barbie record is on floppy blue plastic, the McDonald’s and Life Cereal contest entry records are pressed onto cardboard.

Twilight of Steam, Vol. 1

…the thrilling audio companion to the exciting and controversial deluxe hard cover edition entitled The Twilight of Steam Locomotives by Ron Ziel

Vaudeville is Really Alive and Well in Barkerville

Fran Dowie’s infectious brand of music hall entertainment is delighting the hundreds of thousands of visitors that flock every summer to this restored Cariboo gold rush community of Barkerville, 55 miles east of Quesnel. The veteran vaudeville showman, known variously as the Barnum of Barkerville and the High-Priest of Nostalgia, has written directed and generally inspired a small troupe of actors in an annual production of what can be most accurately described as “Barkerville-style music hall”

Ira Ironstrings: The Best Damn Dance Band In the Land

Actually, it was a non-Ironstrings but a fast-friend — Lucy N. Fairweather, our percussionist and Moral Beacon — who inspired us to form our orchestra. that sweet, grey-haired old lady had been passed out in our setting-room rocker for eleven days, just a-rocking and eyeing the bougainvillaea. Came the fateful evening, April 11, 1930. A typical Ironstrings family scene at dusk: the sun falling behind the Ice House, scented breezes wafting in from Kissing Bog, and the whole Ironstrings clan gathered underneath the creeping veranda. Lucy looked up at us Ironstrings, rubbed her antimacassars (which had been ailing of late), smiled benignly, and said, “You Clydes oughta do something about Dance Music. It’s damn well going to the dogs, and tha’s a fact.”

Winterthur Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto in B-Flat Major, Op. 19

This was found in the same package as many of the 78s I’ve posted, and was the same physical size, but was obviously a more modern disc: thinner, flexible vinyl, and with a 33 1/3 playback speed rather than 78. I believe this is mid- to late-50’s, but I’m not at all positive.

Ira Ironstrings Plays: With Matches

‘Unmask the rogue,’ they demanded…’throw down the cloak of anonymity’…tell us, ‘who is Ira Ironstrings?’ That Ira Ironstrings is a delivish fellow is a foregone conclusion. Elusive too. And as mean a rogue as any black-hearted villain that sailed with Capt. Kidd. But Ironstrings (Lord love his playful spirit) has somehow managed to elude us, too. he’s made his second album and vanished stealthily into the black of night.

Stereo Action Unlimited!

Stereo Action is a new concept of music in motion; a new dimension in recorded sound. Stereo Action brings you unmatched fidelity through the full sound spectrum, plus the exciting new illusion of sound in motion. Soloists and entire sections of the orchestra appear to move thrillingly back and forth across the room. Stereo Action is musical movement so real, your eyes will follow the sound.