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Ira Ironstrings: The Best Damn Dance Band In the Land

Actually, it was a non-Ironstrings but a fast-friend — Lucy N. Fairweather, our percussionist and Moral Beacon — who inspired us to form our orchestra. that sweet, grey-haired old lady had been passed out in our setting-room rocker for eleven days, just a-rocking and eyeing the bougainvillaea. Came the fateful evening, April 11, 1930. A typical Ironstrings family scene at dusk: the sun falling behind the Ice House, scented breezes wafting in from Kissing Bog, and the whole Ironstrings clan gathered underneath the creeping veranda. Lucy looked up at us Ironstrings, rubbed her antimacassars (which had been ailing of late), smiled benignly, and said, “You Clydes oughta do something about Dance Music. It’s damn well going to the dogs, and tha’s a fact.”

Ira Ironstrings Plays: With Matches

‘Unmask the rogue,’ they demanded…’throw down the cloak of anonymity’…tell us, ‘who is Ira Ironstrings?’ That Ira Ironstrings is a delivish fellow is a foregone conclusion. Elusive too. And as mean a rogue as any black-hearted villain that sailed with Capt. Kidd. But Ironstrings (Lord love his playful spirit) has somehow managed to elude us, too. he’s made his second album and vanished stealthily into the black of night.

The Banjo Barons: Banjos Back in Town

Listen for the startling clarity of the banjos as they strum their way through this happy music—36 all time favorites—in duets and trios of sparkling fun. Along the way there are occasional throbs from the organ and some doo-wacka-doo trumpet that add to the entertainment. Banjos are back in town, better than ever!