The Why of Silence

“But why don’t women just say something when it happens? Why not speak up? Why stay silent?”

This is why, you self-centered, short-sighted, unempathetic, thundering idiots.

Christine Blasey Ford was hesitant to come forward with allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because she feared facing public attacks. “Why suffer through the annihilation if it’s not going to matter?” she said in an interview with the Washington Post.

Her fears were not unfounded. Within hours of revealing her identity, personal attacks were launched against Ford. Some Senators expressed their doubts about the truthfulness of Ford’s statements. Sen. Orrin Hatch asserted that Ford was “mixed up.”

Now, the New York Times is reporting that Ford is being sent death threats.

E.T. phone home! E.T. phone home!

If you ever get the chance to see E.T. in the theater, with a crowd full of kids who have never seen it before, I highly recommend it. I’ll admit that I got kinda choked up at the resurrection scene, and I think a large part of that wasn’t even the movie itself, but from being in the crowd and hearing the gasps, cheers, and claps of the kids (a few of whom we’d heard sniffling or outright sobbing in the preceding few minutes). A good audience can make a huge difference when watching a film, and today’s was definitely a good one.

Well, crud. I was worried this would happen, but hoped it wouldn’t: Apple has discontinued the iPhone SE. While it doesn’t affect me directly, it does make it probable that when it’s time to upgrade, my wife will move away from Apple in order to get a comfortably sized phone.

In a perfect world, I’d have Apple’s iPhone X photo processing capabilities attached to a full-frame sensor in a Nikon f-mount compatible body.

Listening to whatever’s playing on Apple’s livestream, with less than ten minutes before the event should start. Gotta see the new goodies (new iPhone X, Apple Watch) and then wait for the usual round of post-event dueling “Apple is the messiah/is clueless and doomed” roundups!