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“Animal” (all the versions) have got to be some of my favorites along with the original versions of “Melt” and “Religion”…out of the two new albums.

Actually, I’ve never quite sat down and puzzled out which track is which song, especially on the newer album. No numbers on the sleeve, 14 listed titles on the inside, and another (apparent) three titles on the back of the sleeve. My guess is that Animal is split into three parts…end up with 16 tracks, which works out right with the disc. Odd, though…just what are the bits on the back of the sleeve then?

Also, picked up a single for Religion…good remixes, including a really fast techno version remixed by the Prodigy…two mixes of Crapage by the Orb, and having the Orb remixing 242 is just bizarre…and one fun mix of Religion with lots of samples from Deep Throat. True oddities…but good stuffs.

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