Male contraceptive on the way?

With a few more years of testing and study, it appears that may finally be [an effective male contraceptive][1].

[1]: “Male contraceptive ‘100% effective'”

> Scientists have developed a male contraceptive which was 100% effective and side-effect free in trials.


> The hormonal treatment is a combination of an implant under the skin and injections – meaning men do not have to remember to take a pill every day.


> Researchers from the Anzac Research Institute, Sydney, Australia, gave the treatment to a relatively small sample of 55 men for a year – and none of their partners became pregnant.


> However, it will be some time before the treatment is widely available.

Very cool. Right now it’s a two-part treatment: a under-the-skin implant replaced every four months, and an injection every three months. Maybe with time it’ll be simplified a bit, but no matter what, I think it’s great that there’s at least an encouraging step towards something like this.

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3 replies on “Male contraceptive on the way?”

  1. Male contraceptives have been around for a little while – they’re available now in Europe – but the FDA hasn’t let them into the US yet.

    I’m still convinced that our government functions on the premise that sex without reproduction is bad.

  2. The trick is, even if approved, will American males accept it, or will they continue to, generally, leave the burden of contraception on the female and denying help if contraception fails?

    I remember, on another issue (I hope this does not start a “flame war,”; this is not my intent), a statement about those Protestants and Roman Catholics which are so anti-abotrion”:

    If a male could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

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