Even Microsoft wants G5s

UPDATE: Please take the time to read my followup post, [Fifteen Minutes of Fame][1], for my thoughts on what happened after I posted this picture, why it happened — and most importantly, why I don’t blame Microsoft for their actions. Thanks!

[1]: http://www.michaelhanscom.com/eclecticism/2003/10/fifteen_minutes.html “Eclecticism: Fifteen Minutes of Fame”


It looks like somebody over in Microsoft land is getting some new toys…

[Microsoft's shipment of G5s come in][2]

[2]: http://www.michaelhanscom.com/eclecticism/2003/10/graphics/msg5s.jpg “Microsoft’s shipment of G5s come in”

I took this shot on the way into work on the loading dock (MSCopy, the print shop I work in, is in the same building as MS’s shipping and receiving). Three palettes of Dual 2.0Ghz G5’s on their way in to somewhere deep in the bowels of Redmond. Hopefully they’re all in good condition when they arrive — the boxes are slick enough that a few of them took a bit of a tumble (you can see them back in the truck)!

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  2. Live and learn. Don’t impugn the folks who pay you, especially if they explicitely prohibit against doing so in their policies such as “Sending or posting messages or material that could damage the Company’s image or reputation.”

  3. It goes to show you how ruthless Micrsoft really is? I guess you can do anything when are declared a monopoly and get away with it?

    Hey, you should get a job with SUN. Aleast their Star Office is getting to be a world class competitor against MS Office and at a fraction of the price of the new MS Office.

    After seeing this type of employee abuse, it makes me think closely about the vendors I would choose to do business with. Microsoft will not be one of them if I could do anything about it.


  4. Ethical unprofessionalism at MS Headquarters…

    In my opinion, if this whole scenario does NOT comply with the Company’s ‘Conflict of Interest’ Policy, then MS should be SUED! How does MS define exactly what a ‘Security Violation’ is?

    Does this mean that if a shipment of SUN Sparcs showed up one day at MS (say for Res. & Dev. purposes, comparative OS Platform study, etc.) and another Photo was taken, what would be the case?

    Similarly, just suppose that an employee in said R&D was previewing a Linux variant on his/her PC at the Office (eg. reviewing the new StarOffice for MS Office comparisons and another person decided to take a photo of said environment to post on a personal Website for family, friends to see what the workplace is like, and that Linux shot came out in the frame, what would be the case, who would get fired and for what reasons?

    We do not know what are MS’ policies with regards to the aforementioned ‘Security Violations,’ hence it will be difficult to grade the situation. Whilst one has to sympathize with the guy, one might have to assume that MS is very, very secretive and tight-lipped about what goes on in their Compound.

    If so, then their Employee Handbook (they must have one), should be explicit in detailing the use of photgraphy, departmental snapshots and security. Wonder if they’d fire someone for leaking the Box Design for the new OS when it comes out?

    All in all, it seems quite an infantile, ridiculous thing to do to someone who was just pointing out the simple fact that many of the OS/Hardware players will always see what the competition has to offer.

    What better way to do that, than to invest in a shipment, especially if you have a product division that caters to that market segment. My current IT department setup involves primarily Mac G3’s and G4’s, with some Solaris & NT/2000 Servers, but I would not mind having a SunBlade, G5 or a Dell to do more R&D.

    Heck, I’d be proud to show off to the public that I’m embracing technologies from the competition. At least, it would demonstrate that I have a serious committment to supporting the products that I develop for them as well as testing them natively.

    Too bad Microsoft, you’ve got too much pride, bad scruples and poor etiquette! Look at how Apple made the iPod and iTunes both Hardware & Software compatible for Windows. Although they did not have to do this (much to the annoyance of the Mac faithful), they’ll probably gain/win some new Windows users as clients/fans based on those 2 innovative steps with their products!

    If you ask me, certain TechTV ‘staples’ and comments, does far more damage to Microsoft than any one random photo on the ‘Net! Like it or not, Apple and the Mac are here to stay, albeit their tiny share of the Market, but that’s what makes them great and capable of putting out far SUPERIOR products to many, many of their counterparts (including Microsoft)!

    Shame on you Billy boy!!!

  5. Well Security only works in the physical sense at Microsoft, not in the software sense, and thats why they bought G5’s

  6. Microsoft promptly fired Hanscom for allegedly breaching confidentiality agreements that were a condition of his employment on the campus.

    As far as Apple hiring him (as suggested in other posts), why should they? He’s proven his ability to breach confidentiality agreements with MS. I wouldn’t trust him to work for me!

    Tech Guy

  7. I can’t figure out who to ridicule more – the moron that thought that taking pictures at work and posting them on the web was a “good idea” ot the countless number of those above who thinks this demonstrates the “evil nature” of Microsoft!

    How cow, I knew most people were clueless but seldom do you find such validation of it in one place.

  8. Even Microsoft makes Macintosh software, so , yes they would need macs wouldnt ya think. MS is just being pissy about it
    how do you develop software for a Mac and test it on a PC anywayz????

    I hope ya find employment soon guy.

  9. Well, maybe the little fat fuck stole office supplies…maybe it had nothing to do with the pic….
    Jesus, MS can fire who the hell they want….if you don’t wanna be part of it, go join some gay company like Apple instead…..

  10. What is the best way to improve your products?
    Examining the competitor and make something better…….

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  16. I believe you Mike, no doubt. Hope you find yourselve a new job very soon. Try Apple in Cupertino…..!!!!
    Personally I think that if something similar happend at “The Infinity Loop” Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs would have laught his eyes out, and you’ll be probably awarded with some Apple Gadgets or even more !!!!

    In the end it proofs that even good old Bill can’t live without real heavy stuff like the G5’s Within 3 weeks I receive my own Dual 2G.
    Can’t hardly wait….

    Good Luck Mike
    The Netherlands

  17. Congratulations man! you also made the news in Mexico, I guess those G5´s are the new ground design for the next generation of PC´s hehehehe!!!!!

    Steve Jobs better cash in on this!

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  23. I was fired from microsoft in 2004 for questioning them buying 6 apple computers, 12 xboxes and playstations for reverse engineering. They claimed I was a security threat.
    I just expresed my opinion. I worked there for 5 years. I now work at apple. hang in there dude.

  24. Hello i am a kid (12 years old) of Argentina i can’t speak english good because i am only a kid, all the people have to fight to this actions, fire you are don’t a good act of Microsoft, I think you are a good man, but Microsoft don’t are good, are BAD people including Bill Gates, you can’t interview with te Microsoft acts but the people of the world can, I can live whit Linux, don’t are a bad software.

  25. Oh and reply to that…microsoft studios (the people behind xbox and xbox 360) they all have apple 30″ monitors as their gaming tools
    I went on a tour of their building (virtually) and hahhaa


  26. I think it is about time the population of America started to take themselves a little less seriously.
    To me MS do seem to be an odd company. I think like most other companies they have too many managers that just want to justify thier jobs.
    I think the world would be a hell of a lot more productive if this crazy system was destroyed.
    I have experienced managers steeling ideas of their staff and passing them off as their own. Then guess who gets the bonus….
    Ha Ha just remembered I got the sack from an American company in the U.K. because the CEO’s daughter fancied me and always wanted to work with me. I was just a Lab Tech and was removed instantly.
    They also got the arse with me leaving the premises at lunch time.
    They only would of have complained if I have of skinned up in the Lab.


  28. MS missed out on some lines there pal. The ones that says, “Hopefully they’re all in good condition when they arrive…” They must have been so enraged that they didn’t noticed the concern that you have shown for their shipments. Or MS must be really that “insensitive” for not noticing that, that they have done the worst to you. Sigh Well, what can I say. Everything happens for a reason. Goodluck and God Bless you and your family..

  29. Mike,

    I’ve used LINUX and (begrudgingly) some MAC stuff but I’ve been a longtime user of MS products and most likely always will be. It is, however, so sad to see that MS has taken something so menial (and obviously not done maliciously) and made it so mountainous.

    It seems to me that they are more embarrassed that they got ”caught” than anything. So, kudos to you, Mike for your humorous and ”honest” picture.

    Shame on you, MS, for being to childish and petty as to terminate an (apparently) honest and upright guy.

    Always remember, MS, if you don’t want to get caught doing something embarrassing, it’s probably a good idea to simply not do it to begin with.

  30. I just came across this blog and photo and story about Microsoft. I am absolutely amazed at the hostility and name-calling engaged by some “people” (I use that term very loosely); they are in reality poisonous spiders and snakes “posing” as human beings. I am so glad I don’t and won’t ever have to work around people like them.

    If this is what “corporate culture” is all about – no cameras, no cell phone cameras, no blogs, no freedom of speech, then it’s good to not be in that environment. Just because one wears (or has to wear) a white collar shirt and tie doesn’t mean they aren’t just as mistreated as the miners of old. Has anything really changed?

    Slavery still exists, apparently, it just has another name: MICROSOFT and “CORPORATION.” The downfall of Rome is not far behind. Long live freedom and responsibility; the responsibility of choosing to live well, and to live and treat others humanely. It appears that this is just what you did. Whether you intentionally chose the “freedom” of unemployment or not. Surely there is something out there much better for someone as intelligent and kind as you.

    What are you up to now? You sound like a really nice person; especially as you don’t blame Microsoft even when you, working for an outside independent contractor, hadn’t been informed of the rules. I would not find myself to be as charitable as you.

    Thanks so much for such enlightening posts…
    Yours, Catherine Todd, ctodd1000@gmail.com

    P.S. I use my real name on all my blogs and internet dealings as well. We have to be individuals and live without fear, or we are lost. I love my life and won’t let anyone take it away.

  31. Hi Michael! Sorry to hear this. Good luck with the job hunt! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  32. Capitalism is shit when an image’s question is more important than human job, and dignity of a salary for survive in this society.

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