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Apple Panther pawThere’s a glowing review of Apple’s new version of OS X (10.3, or ‘Panther’) in the New York Times today by David Pogue. A few things in the article jumped out at me.

First off, I love the logo they came up with to illustrate the story.

Then, in the first paragraph: Hackers and academics have uncovered one Windows security hole after another, turning Microsoft into a frantic little Dutch boy at the dike without enough fingers.

About the new ‘sidebar’ in the Finder, Pogue says that, “In effect, the Sidebar lets you fold up your desktop so that any two icons appear side-by-side, no matter how far apart they actually are in your folder hierarchy.” All of a sudden, I really want to rename the Finder ‘tesseract’.

And lastly, one of the last paragraphs comparing Apple’s OS philosophy to Microsoft’s sums it all up wonderfully.

Finally, surely there’s value in using an operating system that, well, isn’t Windows. Mac OS X isn’t just free of viruses; it’s also free from copy protection, “activation” (a Windows XP feature that transmits information about your PC back to Microsoft), and pop-up messages that nag you to sign up for some Microsoft database or clean up your icons. When you use Mac OS X, you feel like it’s yours; when you use Windows, you feel as though you’re using someone else’s toys, and Mrs. Microsoft keeps peeking in on you.

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  1. So Mr. Man’s getting a haircut this afternoon and to kill time while waiting I’m flipping through The Wall Street Journal.(cuz that’s the kind of capitalist, yet liberal, oinker I am) Front page, left column of The Marketplace section splashes up the headline, “If Your’re Tired of Fighting Viruses, Consider a New Mac.”

    The article really highlighted your quote ‘graph. The WSJ is quick to point out that it’s not impossible to write a Mac virus, but it is very difficult.

    I am very smug now.

    Are you smug too?

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