The chef’s special

I know this is juvenile, and I know that it’s a real food item…but I really have to think that classy restaurants should avoid naming a $22 dish “The Captain’s Pupu Tower.”

iTunes: “Symphony for Taps” by Pigface from the album Gub (1990, 1:25).

0 thoughts on “The chef’s special

  1. A lot of Chinese restaurants will offer a “pupu tray.” Of course it’s delicious – it just sounds odd, you’re right. Raises the question of whether when at a Mexican restaurant or Chinese restaurant one can rightfully order a “number two,” dinner though. And, what about all those “brownies” everywhere? Caffe Ladro has some really great brownies, speaking of which.

  2. The first time I went with the AF to Hawaii, we went out the front gate of Hickam AFB and into Pearl City for dinner, as it was too late to go into Honolulu or Waikiki. This being the AF at the time, the place we went to had servers, though not technically naked, certainly not wearing much. A young lady, wearing a tiny bikini top and a sarong bottom that covered little undulated over to me and asked, “Would you like puu-puu?” I am afraid, as a chubby kid from central Indiana, my response was something as clever as, “I beg your pardon?” I later learned it meant “appitizers.”