Attack of the Killer…Lemons?

It’s the little things that can make living in Seattle fun. While this didn’t happen to me, I got a laugh out of reading about it.

Mickey is one of the bartenders at The Vogue. Saturday night, she had fun with some of her customers

I am apparently highly entertaining to British punk guys. I told one of them if he didn’t quit standing in my serving area I was going to pelt him with lemons. He stepped into it, so I pelted him with lemon wedges. Which led to his buddy saying, “Yeah, I’m his lawyer and you violated him or something.” To which I replied, “We don’t violate anyone here that doesn’t ask nicely.”

Periodically for the rest of the night, he’d step into the serving area and point to where he wanted to be pelted with lemons.

Later on, the club bouncer mentioned something to her:

And according to Umbrikatus I was pelting members of KMFDM with lemons last night. Go me. They seemed to like it.

iTunes: “Light (Lighthouse)” by K.M.F.D.M. from the album Light (1994, 5:04).

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