Costco Caskets?

This is just silly: in case you’re looking to save a few bucks while shopping for the latest death in the family, you can now pick up coffins at Costco.

This is just silly: in case you’re looking to save a few bucks while shopping for the latest death in the family, you can now pick up coffins at Costco.

No word in the article on whether you get a discount while buying in bulk (handy for the up-and-coming serial killer, I’m sure).

As Prairie asked, can you get any more white trash than this? Me, I’d love to see a shopping list with “coffin for Grandma” sandwiched in between a case of WD-40 and bulk order of breakfast cereal for the kids.

Either that, or just go in and shop for a casket and a bundle of wooden (tent) stakes.

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  1. So if someone orders a lot of rat poison or maybe some piano wire along with a couple shovels and a coffin, should Costco investigate? Hmm, methinks I should investigate this further.

  2. I think we should be concerned when they start to sell embalming fluid in bulk next to the coffins.

    Well, I have seen Simple Green sold in 55-gallon drums, which was a little freaky. Not embalming fluid, but still a fairly mind-boggling amount of cleaning solution — easily enough to submerge a smallish person (and while Simple Green isn’t as caustic as some cleaners, I did wonder at the time what would happen to a body sealed into one of those).

  3. I’m sorry… I think they’ll make a killing. Have you SEEN the prices? Its a wood box people, why are they 3-10 thousand dollars?

    I have a nice cardboard model picked out for me. My stack W/D came in it. It was only $900 and it came with a free washer/dryer

  4. Sorry, I wasn’t clear…Costco will make a killing because their caskets are so much cheaper than the fancy smancy ones that are 3-10k.
    I was referring to casket prices in general.
    I was sure Costco would under cut the reg price. And it appears they did.

  5. I don’t understand why costco is even trying this item as a saleable item. I guess the corporate bigwigs have run out of ways to market their products so now it’s caskets????/Come on guys and gals in the Ivory tower…WAKE UP!!!! Costco is hurting so they are trying to sell anything but they’ll fade away time and fall through the cracks of the corporate world. Just wait and you’ll see. The guy who thought up this idea will probably be standing in the unemployment line soon.

  6. I think it could possibly be a stunt to expand their clientel, because God knows Im not the only one who just wants to go in to see this, and while Im there I will probably get lost in some isle and end up going home with a pallet of tube socks and baked beans just because it was convienent at the time.

  7. Could it be that perhaps Costco is just trying to help some of their customers by offering discounted funeral products? I mean, afterall, it wouldn’t seem as if they were forcing people to buy these, yet, they are available to those who could use a little break on the final expenses for a loved one. Just a thought…

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