I’ve just installed [Greg Knauss][1]’ [MT-Upcoming][2] plugin, a handy interface to events that I’ve flagged on [my page][3]. In the sidebar to my main page (though not on individual archive pages, if you’re reading this in an RSS reader or on the individual page you’ll need to click back to the main page to see what I’m talking about) you’ll now see a short listing of events I’m either considering or planning on attending.

[1]: “EOD”
[2]: “CODE @ EOD”
[3]: “ Users: djwudi”

(Oh, and the documentation for MT-Upcoming seems to be temporarily misplaced…if you want to install the plugin, [here’s Google’s cache of the docs][4]. Came in very handy tonight.)

[4]: “Google Cache: MT-Upcoming Documentation”

In other words…yes. I’m just _that_ desperate for a stalker following my every move around town. Life just isn’t worth living without a psychotically obsessive fan or two, after all.

iTunesGoing Up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue” by Mahal, Taj from the album Folk, Gospel and Blues: Will the Circle Be Unbroken (1968, 3:37).

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