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As much as I enjoy Trek, I’ve never really explored the literary Trek work terribly much over the years. As it stands, my entire Trek book collection spans [all of twenty volumes][1], only a few of which are novels.

[1]: “Library Thing: djwudi: star trek”

So — any recommendations from others out there who might have explored more of the printed Trek universe? I’m always up for more additions to my “to read” stack….

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2 replies on “Trekommendations?”

  1. Well, keep in mind that I haven’t read most of them in a looong time … and I’ve only ever read TOS stuff, no other print Trek.

    Scanning through the Star Trek Book List, I remember these being good:

    Very old:

    Strangers From the Sky · Margaret Wander Bonanno

    The main TOS series:

    • #11 · Yesterday’s Son · A.C. Crispin
    • #15 · Corona · Greg Bear
    • #23 · Ishmael · Barbara Hambly
    • #27 · Mindshadow · J.M. Dillard
    • #39 · Time For Yesterday · A.C. Crispin

    … and I suspect that anything else written by these authors would also be pretty good.

    If I do a little more digging I could probably be more specific. I remember a couple of plots that I don’t think are any of the above but that would take a little while to dredge up.

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