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While there’s been some [grousing about the accuracy][1] of iTunes 8’s new [Genius][2] feature, I’m getting a kick out of playing with it. Sure, it’s not always spot-on (though Apple says that will change over time as their database grows and the matching AI improves), but that lends a certain entertainment value to the playlists it generates. When it works, though, it’s _slick_.

[1]: http://www.tuaw.com/2008/09/09/my-itunes-genius-is-a-moron “TUAW: My iTunes Genius is a Moron”
[2]: http://www.apple.com/itunes/whatsnew/ “Apple: iTunes: What’s New”

Here’s a playlist my iPod just put together (pulling only from songs that happened to be loaded at the time), seeding off of Tony Bennett’s take on “Steppin’ Out With My Baby”:

1. Tony Bennett, “Steppin’ Out With My Baby”
2. Frank Sinatra, “Nice ‘n’ Easy”
3. Bobby Darin, “More”
4. Johnny Mathis, “Chances Are”
5. Dean Martin, “You Belong to Me”
6. Fred Astaire, “The Way You Look Tonight”
7. The Andrews Sisters, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”
8. Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”
9. Billie Holiday, “All of Me”
10. Perry Como, “Magic Moments”
11. Louis Armstrong, “West End Blues”
12. Louis Jordan, “Let the Good Times Roll”
13. Benny Goodman, “Swingtime in the Rockies”
14. Frank Sinatra, “Witchcraft”
15. The Glenn Miller Orchestra, “At Last”
16. Bobby Darin, “Hello, Dolly!”
17. Billie Holiday, “Spreadin’ Rhythm Around (Remix)”
18. Tony Bennett, “(I Left My Heart In) San Francisco”
19. Dean Martin, “That’s Amore”
20. Louis Armstrong, “Ain’t Misbehavin'”
21. Duke Ellington, “Take the A-Train”
22. Judy Garland, “The Man That Got Away”
23. The Andrews Sisters, “Rum and Coca-Cola”
24. Billie Holiday, “God Bless the Child”
25. Frank Sinatra, “You Make Me Feel So Young”

Not bad at all, I’d say.

(I also love that I just happened to have the songs on my iPod to build that kind of playlist. It’s semi-randomly loaded, so there’s often no real telling what might be on there at any given time. Hmmm…it may be about time to do another “here’s how I organize my music” post….)

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