Star Trek Story Record #8 (BR 513)

Star Trek Story Record #8 (Front)

Star Trek Story Record #8 (Front), originally uploaded by djwudi.

A treasure I found a long time ago, and recently reacquired from my brother. Star Trek [Story Record #8][1], Power Records BR 513, _still in the shrink wrap_. This set includes the LP and a comic book with two stories: _[A Mirror for Futility][2]_ by Alan Dean Foster, and _[The Time Stealer][3]_ by Cary Bates and Neal Adams. While there’s a little bit of damage to the top right corner (it looks like it got nibbled at while in storage at some point) so I can’t claim perfect mint condition, since most of the shrink wrap is still intact, I assume the record and comic are both still mint. From [this eBay search][4] it looks like I could get as much as $60 for this if I wanted to…I’m just not sure that I want to!

[1]: “Guide to the STAR TREK Story Records”
[2]: “A Mirror for Futility”
[3]: “The Time Stealer”
[4]: “eBay search: trek (record, records)”

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