Where’s Your Ballot?

C’mon, all you locals. Washington makes this whole voting thing _really_ easy to do. So how come so many of you [haven’t sent in your ballot yet][1]?

[1]: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2008321896_apwaearlyvoting1stldwritethru.html?syndication=rss “Seattle Times: Week before election, fraction of Wash ballots in”

> With a week to go until Election Day, less than a fourth of the state’s voters have returned their ballots.
> Ballots were sent out Oct. 17, and must be postmarked by Tuesday.
> Thirty-seven of the state’s 39 counties are voting entirely by mail. King and Pierce Counties still have poll sites, though a majority of voters in those counties already vote by mail.

Grab your ballot, fill in the little bubbles, and send it in. This isn’t a time to set it aside to “take care of it later,” only to find it buried in a stack of bills on Nov. 5th.

Some helpful suggestions when filling it out (however, I’d be fine…almost…with an opposing vote, as long as it meant that you voted):

* President: Barack Obama (A no-brainer.)
* WA Governor: Christine Gregoire (Another no-brainer. Dino Rossi is scary, and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near government.)
* Superintendent of Public Instruction: Randy Dorn (On the advice of Prairie — an educator — and everyone she knows involved in education, Terry Bergeron needs to go.)
* I-1000: Tough call. (I _wanted_ to vote yes on this one, and I personally would want to have this option available should I ever need it. However, I’m not convinced that the wording is written well, and worry about insurance companies pushing physician-assisted suicide over treatment. I ended up voting no, but I wouldn’t hold voting either way against anyone.)
* I-985: No (Tim Eyman’s a dork, and I’ve never been convinced any of his ideas had merit.)
* I-1029: No (Sounds good on the face, but introduces unnecessary red tape, and would throw the existing system of long-term care into disarray.)
* Proposition 1: Yes (Transportation is good.)

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