Court Briefing/Pleading Template for Apple Pages (iWork)

Here’s another Apple Pages template I created for my school work, this time for my Legal Writing class. This is a court briefing (or pleading) template, based (more or less) on the court standards for Washington State.

It must be stressed that I in no way guarantee that this template exactly satisfies the requirements of the court system of Washington or any other state, or the requirements of any class you might be taking. I have merely formatted it as best as I can, given the information I have available and my instructor’s requirements. I believe it should be fairly close, however, and it should be adaptable to full compliance for other jurisdictions with a minimum of work. I think.

Thanks to the excellent Typography for Lawyers website, which is an excellent resource not just for lawyers, but for anyone interested in improving the presentation of their work.

Feel free to download and use the template (198k .template file). Just download and (for easiest use) place in your ~LibraryApplication SupportPagesTemplatesMy Templates folder.

(I didn’t bother translating this to Microsoft Word format, as there are a number of similar templates for Word bundled with Word or already floating around the web, including some on Microsoft’s own website. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t include any legal templates with Pages, and I didn’t find many during my searches…so here we are.)

##Version History##

  • 2010.11.10: First upload.

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  1. Great Pleading page document. I am new to Pages and am building a collection of Pages Templates; this will be very useful for work and can be modified to use in advertising. good Template!!!

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