Summer Vacation Part One

As noted before, I posted these backwards, but here are the photos from the first part of our summer vacation. We spent four nights at Seaquest State Park (and had two of our nieces and their mom join us for two of those nights), wandering the woods and driving up to visit Mount St. Helens.

The first day we went up the mountain, there was still a lot of haze from all the forest fire smoke that was blanketing Washington all summer long. The next day was grey and cloudy, but had a few sun breaks here and there, and so we decided to head back up the mountain on the chance that we might have a slightly better view. As it turns out, once we got above the clouds, it was an absolutely gorgeous, haze-free day up there, and so we got to see the mountain in all its glory!

The photo below is actually from our first day, and is the result of playing with Lightroom’s “dehaze” filter. It resulted in a somewhat artificial looking photo, but the end result was one I ended up really liking, even if it’s not at all what we saw on either day.

2018 Summer Vacation Part One

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