2019 Seattle Snowpocalypse, Sunday Update

Ventured out from the homestead to make the trek over ice and snow to the local mercantile for provisions. Though the skies were clear, ‘twas still bitterly cold, as the winter sun brought no warmth. The footing was treacherous, but no spills were taken; scavengers were seen, but we gave them a wide berth. Some supply runs had made it through, so we were able to procure most of what we had hoped for. Loaded our purchases onto our backs, safely made the journey home, and have settled back in to warm ourselves by the fire once more.

(Walked down the road to Fred Meyer on a pretty day. Saw a few crows. The store shelves were only decimated (in the proper sense), but not entirely wiped out anymore, and what we bought easily fit into our lightweight, pocketable IKEA backpacks. Back home, the fake electric fireplace is on, and warm drinks will likely be made soon.)

Published by Michael Hanscom

Enthusiastic ambivert. Geeky, liberal, friendly, curious, feminist ally; trying to be a good person. (he/him)