NIN Strobe Light is Out!

Hot damn — ten years after being announced, Nine Inch Nails’ “Strobe Light” has been released!

For those not in the know…

Here’s some background on this bit of silliness. And more that I just found on Twitter.

This morning, I was tagged in a series of tweets by “Atticrent Reznoss” announcing the release of Strobe Light. At first I thought it was just random tweetspam, but then I remembered the name and the old April Fool’s joke, and clicked through…and laughed.

Whether this is good or bad, someone went to the trouble of putting it together, and I’m amused enough to recognize that and give it a download.

Generally, I’m not much for April Fools on the internet, as much of what’s out there is dumb, mean, or some combination of both. This one, though, I’m good with.

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