Lots of people on Twitter and Facebook getting all excited about Edgar, and every time, the first picture I have in my head is from Men in Black. (I think they’re actually talking about sports. Glad they’re excited, it’s just not a fandom I’m a part of, and it’s been making me laugh this afternoon.)

Book six of 2019: A Man of Shadows, by Jeff Noon. ⭐️⭐️ 📚 An odd book, with elements that reminded me of other media I’ve enjoyed (the film Dark City, Michael Ende’s Momo), but which ultimately didn’t satisfy me. Hoping I’ll like the #PKDickAward nominated sequel more.

For the third year running, we hit the Seattle Women’s March today. A small selection of photos is on my Flickr account (because something choked my blog when I tried to send them here…I’ll look into that some other time).

I’ve updated my post about Marie Kondo’s approach to cleaning out bookshelves with a few more thoughts, prompted by an article calling out the classist and racist undertones of the reactions to her advice.

The 2019 P. K. Dick Award Nominees have been announced! I’ll be reading all six books before the awards ceremony at Norwescon 42 — can you do the same? Join the Reading Challenge in the Norwescon Goodreads Group and read along with the rest of us! 📚

21st century blogging problems: When a prominent blogger tweets a link to an old blog post of mine about Pixar’s lack of diversity in their characters that is showing raw Markdown instead of rendered HTML (now fixed, of course). How embarrassing!