First Facebook cuts off posts from external sources, and now Twitter’s crippled any third-party clients. Even after years of talk of how social media is adversely affecting our culture, I didn’t really expect the platforms themselves to be so invested in driving users away.

Interesting side effect to Facebook killing the ability to mirror content from outside and my mirroring not just my blog, but also (not all but) many random links and tweets to Tumblr: my Tumblr is probably my most comprehensive online presence right now.

So Tired of the Greenies

Great rant from The Root: Enough With the Shit, Green Party. The Coming Midterms Are Too Important for Your Shenanigans.

In theory, the Green Party is vitally necessary for a two-party system with party platforms so rigid and legacy-laced that not all potential candidates can get with either of them. I get it.

But in practice, the Green Party has become a catch-all for wackos and faux-Democrats who wouldn’t have a shot in hell in winning the dominant parties’ bids to continue fucking up the country for the rest of us.

Ohio’s congressional special election on Tuesday between Republican Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’Connor is so close that less than 1 percent separates the winner from the eventual loser. While the race is essentially a practice run for November midterms, it was a prime opportunity to send a strong message to the Trump administration. A Democratic victory in Ohio, a state Trump won handily in the 2016 presidential election, would signal to Trump that America is tired of his bullshit.

Enter: Green Party candidate Joe Manchik.

Who is Joe Manchik? Who the fuck knows. He’s just a white guy with a braided ponytail who gave this disastrous interview while wearing a peace symbol T-shirt, in which he couldn’t even remember what a debit card is and had trouble articulating how to donate on his own campaign website.

Joe Manchik couldn’t even remember his own fucking website! And yet, Joe Manchik is also responsible for winning over 1,100 votes, or some 0.6 percent of votes that probably would have gone to O’Connor.

And that’s my biggest beef with the Green Party; your LaVar Ball-ish sideshow shit is taking votes from viable Democratic candidates who are actually trying to implement change.

‘Jaws’ mystery: Did long unknown ‘Lady of the Dunes’ Cape Cod murder victim appear in movie scene? Very cool theory — and even if it’s far-fetched, how neat would it be if this panned out?

Gloria Would Probably Laugh Too

So we’re watching a really neat documentary on PBS (Wonders of Mexico), and not terribly surprisingly, there are parts of it that are spoken in another language and subtitled. Well, most people understand that translation is sometimes as much art as science, with a lot of room for the interpreter in choosing the exact words and phrasing.

So when a Mayan farmer is discussing feeling nervous and apprehensive about his first childhood climb down into a cave and underground lake, what do the subtitles say?

“At first, I was afraid. I was petrified.”

And both Prairie and I snicker. I hope whoever did the translation or programmed the subtitles got a bonus for that.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, he did survive.