It’s not the scarecrow itself that’s bothersome. Okay, we don’t know who put it up, and it’s a bit disquieting that it’s dressed in our child’s old clothes. But it’s the slowly oozing goo that constantly drips off of the stick fingers that really gets me.

Microblogvember: stick

She was used to seeing the street disappear into the distance in fog, or in the dark. Seeing it fade away into nothingness in the bright light of mid-day, however, was a new experience. As she started walking, she wondered if she would fade away as well.

Microblogvember: street

They had been observing the planet for close to seven orbits around its star, and yet they were still avoiding making contact. Never before had they found an advanced species where every identified language had the concept of “being mean”.

Microblogvember: mean

Fashion had reached such heights over the years, with everyone doing their very best to upstage everyone else at every event, that perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise when the prize for best fancy dress went to a janitor in plain unadorned overalls.

Microblogvember: fancy

The key didn’t look particularly important. Just one of many on the keychain. Weathered metal, obviously long-used, but nobody could remember when it was last turned. The mystery wasn’t what lock it would open, but what would be released when it was used.

Microblogvember: key

Linkdump for January 27th through October 30th

Sometime between January 27th and October 30th, I thought this stuff was interesting. You might think so too!

Old mashup from DJ Wüdi: Give It A Crablouse (Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away Now” vs. Lords of Acid “Crablouse”).

I realized a few years ago that the verses for “Crablouse” had the same rhythm as those for “Give It Away Now”, so…this was the result.