Gimme some sugar, baby!

My single DVD purchase for the day — The Evil Dead II! I was all sorts of happy to find this one, as 1) it completes my Evil Dead trilogy (consisting of The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness) and 2) this collectors-edition disc is out of print. We had run out at Suncoast where I work, so I had to get it from our competitors in the 5th Avenue Mall…but hey, at least I got it!

DJ alert

I realize it’s been a couple days since I’ve posted on here — things have been kind of busy getting settled in at the new job. On the plus side, the job looks to be going really well so far…enjoying it a lot.

The main purpose of this posting, however, is a quick alert that I’ve been confirmed to be DJ’ing this Sat. night at the new Studio 99, in the Northway Mall above Ariel’s Hair Salon. This is going to be a spring break party, I’ll be co-dj’ing with DJ Maniacal (from KFAT), and Kim Kanes (sp?) from KFAT will be broadcasting live for much of the night. Radio ads should start hitting KFAT 92.9 FM sometime around 2pm today and be going throughout the rest of the week, so listen for my name on the radio! Hopefully will be a blast…as before, this is an all-ages party until 1am, then 18 and up (with ID) thereafter.

Studio 99 last night

Well…it was definitely interesting :|. Opening night with very little publicity — about the only people there were a bunch of kids there for a b-day party, and once 12:30 hit, the place emptied out due to curfew. Ah, well…so it goes sometimes. More advertising will be coming out soon, so things should look up pretty soon.

The owners are looking at aiming Friday nights more at the hip-hop/r&b/rap circuit, as Millenium is only open for that on Saturdays at the moment, and aiming Saturdays at the more dance/club/techno/electronica crowd. They’re in the process of interviewing and hiring DJ’s at the moment — I’d like to get a permanent spot doing Saturday nights there, but will just have to wait and see how things for for now. Keeping my fingers crossed…just hoping I can announce the return of DJ Wüdi to the Anchorage scene soon!

DJ’ing tonight!

Will post more later, just throwing this up to say that I’m DJ’ing tonight at Studio 99, above Ariel’s Hair Salon in the Northway Mall. This is an all-ages dance club — 16 (?) and up before 1am, 18 and up until 3 am. Hopefully this will become a regular gig — check back later for more details, or stop by the club and see what’s going on.

It’s official!

As of 10:30am today, after cleaning all my personal material off of the machines, I turned in my resignation at TimeFrame. I start work at GCI‘s NOC as a Service Repair Coordinator Monday morning at 9am. Finally — something new to do! I’m really stoked about this…will be nice to get some experience in something other than making copies. :D

Career changes

Well, it looks like the application I put in at CNTS has paid off. I got a call right at the end of work today letting me know that they’ve got a position for me — the catch being that I need to let them know tomorrow if I can start on Monday. Wow…not what I had planned on, I’d been hoping to give at least 1 if not 2 weeks notice at my current job — but, at the same time, I’ve been itching to get out of TimeFrame for a while now, and this looks like far too good an opportunity to pass up.

So, it looks like tomorrow I’ll give notice to TimeFrame that it’s my last day, and come Monday I’ll start working at GCI! The best part about this — when I decided to go for another job, I just wanted to make sure that I’d get at least $10 an hour. I’m currently making $13.50, and didn’t want to go much lower than that, just so I could make sure I could still pay all my bills and such. This position — $14.70/hr! I was prepared to take a pay cut doing this, and it looks like I’m actually going to get a $1.20/hr raise out of the deal? How can I not go for it?

So, I’m currently more or less bouncing off the walls about this…admittedly, it’ll make work really interesting tomorrow, but hey, these things happen, and I think in the long run this will be much better for me. Woohoo!

Cam improvements

I’m up a bit later than I should be, but it’s all well and good (right), as I stumbled across some JavaScript code that’s allowed me to improve the Wudicam page a bit.

Previously, I was using a ‘refresh’ meta-tag that forced the entire page to refresh every 30 seconds — a fairly ridiculous waste of bandwidth, but I didn’t know any better when I put everything together. While surfing around tonight, however, I found a simple little JavaScript that now updates the image only, without needing to refresh the entire page, every five seconds (much better than the previous 30 second refresh), and will only do so if there is actually a new picture to post. So, less unecessary data being thrown across the ‘net, and a much faster refresh time on the cam picture.

Shake, rattle and roll

I just found out when I got to work that Seattle got quite a bit of a shaker yesterday — current estimates put the quake that just hit them at 6.8. CNN has ongoing coverage of the quake posted.

Since I know a fair amount of people down in the Seattle area (Casey, Chad, Dez, Kate, Nikki, fivefootfourteen, and many others that aren’t coming to mind at the moment), I just wanted to send out my hopes and wishes that everything’s going well for them down there.

On the brighter (if somewhat cynical) side, I wonder if this means that there will be a few more open apartments when I move down there?

Radio – and future gigs?

Did the radio show last night, and it seemed to go over pretty well. I don’t know just how many people were listening, but at least a few were from the calls we got, and they generally seemed to have good things to say. My personal moment of triumph was when one person called to tell Nick (the show’s host) to quit playing a compilation CD, at which point Nick let him know that it was actually me mixing live. I guess my mixes were going pretty smoothly!

Also ended up with a couple possibilities for the future — I don’t know for sure if they’ll pan out or not, but I can hope. I got one call about some people working on getting another club going here in town, so will be trying to get a hold of the people in charge of that soon to get more info — big thanks to DJ Panda for recommending me for that. Also, Nick asked if I’d be interested in co-hosting his show…we filled out a KRUA volunteer application, and if everything goes well, I just may have a spot on the air every Tuesday night! Would be a lot of fun, and I think it’d be great to expand my DJ experience to include radio as well as club and for-hire dance work.

So, that’s the big excitement for the past couple days. As always, more babble later….