Free DVDs

Well, free if you don’t factor in the months I’ve put in working at Suncoast. ;) Every year during the holiday season the Suncoast company has a sales competition for its member stores, and this year our store won — from what I’m told, not a rare thing. Each store employee got a prize from this, and mine was a $50 gift certificate. Rock on…here’s what that got me….

Bring It On: I’m taking a chance here, as I’ve not yet seen this one. However, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from just about everyone I know who’s seen it, including my dad, so considering it was free, I don’t think I can go too far wrong. Besides, it’s got Kirsten Dunst, who is one of my favorite young actresses out there right now, so at least the eye candy will be good, right?

El Mariachi/Desperado: Though many people don’t know it, the Antonio Banderas action flick Desperado was actually a sequel to Robert Rodriguez‘ debut film El Mariachi, and this DVD has both films together, one on each side of the disc. Good action, fun storylines, and eye candy for both the men and women…hey, why not?

So that’s it for now. This being rent week at my apartment and a slow week for movie releases, I should actually make it through this Tuesday without adding to the collection. Wow…miracles never cease, huh?

Back from UAA, possibly on the radio

Just got back from the Dance Marathon at UAA that I DJ’d for today. Was a lot of fun — and really drove home how much I miss being able to spin on a regular basis. The event went off really well, and I seemed to do a pretty decent job of keeping most people happy over the course of the night…all in all, not bad in the least.

One of the niftiest bits of the evening, though, was hooking up with Nick. I’ve known him for a while now, and we’ve wanted to get me a spot guest DJ’ing for the electronica show he does on KRUA for a while now, but schedules have always intervened. However, he’s now doing the show on Tuesday nights, which works for me…so this Tuesday, I’ll be spinning on 88.1 FM KRUA sometime between 7pm and 10pm! Should be fun…looking forward to trying my hand at a radio gig. And, as an added bonus, if anyone feels like it, you can listen in over the web (as long as you have Real Player G2 installed) through KRUA’s website!

DJ Wudi @ UAA this Saturday

Just a quick reminder that this Saturday I’ll be spinning from 2pm-10pm for the UAA Dance Marathon fundraiser for the Providence Children’s ICU (at least, I’m pretty sure that’s who it’s for…someone correct me if I’m wrong). I’m honestly not completely sure if this is open to the public, or how it would be handled, but if anyone wants to stop by, say hello, and give a few dollars to the cause, nobody would complain too terribly much.

The cam is back

One of the side benefits to the new ‘puter is that as I’ve decided to stick mostly to OS 9 on this box, leaving OS X to be my webserver on the iMac for now, it allows me to resurrect some features of this site that had been on hold for a while. The most notorious of these — the Wudi-cam! Well, it’s back folks…for better or for worse, it’s there. No gaurantees on how often it’ll be up or down, though — guess you’ll just have to check to find out if I’m broadcasting, huh?

At the moment, I’m using free software that only allows me to do incremental updates — the picture will update every 10 seconds, and the page will refresh every 30. I hope to eventually get software that will allow me to do streaming video, but until then, this will work.


My single DVD purchase for the day — Clerks: Uncensored!

Back a while ago, Kevin Smith and company were creating an animated show based on the characters from his film Clerks. Six episodes were made, but only two were ever broadcast (neither of which I ever saw). This 2-disc edition contains all 6 episodes, uncut (some footage would never have seen the light of day due to network concerns), complete with commentary and animatics for every episode! I’m really looking forward to finally being able to watch these shows.

New ‘puter!

This just rocks — I’ve added a new ‘puter to my stable here at home. One of the guys at work was selling his off for a good price, so it came home with me today.

Now the iMac that was playing a dual role as my main work machine and webserver (which occasionally caused the server to go down when I needed to do certain things on that machine) has been designated as just the webserver, and the new machine is my workhorse box.

For the curious, the new box is a 350 MHz blue and white Power Macintosh G3, with 128 MB memory, DVD player, 22.3 GB of storage spread across three drives (1 ATA/IDE, 2 SCSI), and dual 17″ monitors, one running off an IMS Twin Turbo card, the other running off an ATI Rage 128. Quite the step up…and I’m cheezing like mad. Time to play!

Completing the set

Got a good-sized paycheck at Suncoast today, so decided to finally finish my James Bond collection by adding The James Bond 007 Collection, Vol. III to my movies. I’d held off on buying this one for a while, as there had been a lot of reported problems with some of the movies in the set, but as I’d just read word on the ‘net that the movies are going on moratorium (not being sold) as of early March, I figured I’d better finish the series while I could. So, I’ve now got a collection of all 19 official Bond movies to feed my testosterone fix when I need it…woohoo!

Great Napster discussions

I just had to get something up on this — there’s an absolutely great discussion of the seemingly never-ending Napster controversy going on over at the Home Theater Forum right now.

I understood Metallica’s plight at first. There music was being hijacked, goddamn it! But their waning CD sales weren’t from Napster, but from the fact that they were like a tough version of Poison; they should have become extinct when the meteor of alternative hit.

— Ike

Who didn’t cringe at Xzibit preforming Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” in a F*** Napster shirt? (I didn’t censor that, his actual shirt was censored.) Here was an artist who was as carefully managed and kept as any of the boy bands preforming one of the greatest songs ever, in a shirt that went against what Chuck D was wanting? Would the “power” not be those that want to close down a forum like Napster? (His friend on stage was wearing a “I Voted For Gore” shirt. How radical you are!)

— Ike

When a music journalist on VH1 said that the superstar would be lessened down because we would have a choice. Amen! Who cares that Limp Bizkit’s “My Generation” is in the top 50? You can get the best song titled “My Generation:” The Who’s. The ideas presented in The Who’s “My Generation” overshadows every baiting anti-gay, drug supporting lyric that today’s group can muster. The Who didn’t care if you understood what they said. They’d rather die before they got like you. The end, an explosion of feedback still hits hard today.

— Ike

Can anyone remember Garth Brooks’ whining about used CD sales? Does it strike anyone else as vomitious that a multi-million dollar recording artist, who stood to lose practically nothing from used CD sales, was trotted out as a poster child representing the unfairness of it all, while struggling musicians would give major organs if someone would just consider buying their CD?

— Buzz Vinard


I used to think that Pokemon was the most evil thing to come into this world (followed closely by Furby).

I was wrong.

Karaoke is definitely the most evil thing to come into this world so far.

Which, of course, leads me to the logical conclusion that Hell is going to be me strapped into a chair at a lounge where there are a bunch of different Pokemon all singing Karaoke. Somebody just freeze me now, ’cause I don’t ever want to die if that’s the case….

Just a quick test of Lynx

I’m just experimenting a bit here. One of my little quirks when designing websites is to try to make sure that I always make them Lynx compatible. Lynx is a purely text-based web browser, back from the early days of the web, when content was considered much more important than flashy graphics, Flash animation, or any of the other doodads that have taken over the web today. Anyway, while checking my page with Lynx today, I thought I’d see if it was possible for me to not just view it, but update the postings via Lynx — and if this post appears, then it would seem to work. Pretty nifty….

Kind of amusing how a Mac-junkie like me still loves being able to do things through a command line and a text-based terminal from time to time…guess I’m showing my age as a ‘net old-timer or something. :)