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There is this old but good song back in 1992 I believe. It is a techno song or techno rave song with a woman singing….

“its a fine day people are ……” It has a suzanne vega beat and hard techno hits…The only words I remember is “ITS A FINE DAY…” PEOPLE ARE STILL SOMETHING?????

My guess would be either Orbital’s Halcyon (or Halcyon & On & On, same music, just a voxless dub), or from what I understand they took the vocal sample from a song by Opus3. Never caught the name of the Opus3 track, however.

It’s a fine day, people open windows, they leave their houses, just for a short while….it’s going to be a fine night tonight, it’s going to be a fine day tomorrow…etc.

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This may easily be a blatant newbie question, but…well, having just found this newsgroup, I guess I’m a newbie. So, bear with me, or possibly point me to a FAQ (should such exist).


I’ve been dj’ing up here in Anchorage, Alaska at various clubs for about five years now. Unfortunately, Alaska tends to run about (at least) two years behind the times in just about everything, especially music. Bleah.

So…I’m wondering if anyone has any pointers or tips as far as getting on any label promotional mailing lists (pre-release promo singles, etc.). It’s hard enough weeding through what new music we get up here to find the stuff worth spending the money on…freebies could be a major benefit. Plus, it’d be cool…

The current club I work at (Gig’s Music Theatre – http://www.alaska.net/~woody/gigs/ ) encompasses a fairly wide range of music (just about anything except country, rap, top-40, and hip-hop), but has lately been leaning much more towards the dance/progressive/house scene (no complaints here!), if that makes a difference.

Any info would be greatly appreciated…feel free to reply here, or use my email address at the bottom of this post. Thanks in advance!

Oh…and just to butt in on another thread…I learned beatmatching on the Pioneer CDJ’s (500’s, I believe), have used a couple Denon models, and currently use (at the club) a Numark (Denon ripoff). Having learned on the Pioneers, I prefer those (even though I’ve never tried dj’ing from vinyl), but have also found the Denon mixers quite useable. Even the Numark isn’t too bad, once you get used to having to constantly compensate for the lack of instant start (argh!). My feelings on the whole thread…try and get the opportunity to use both styles, you’ll get a feel for what you like. And if you can’t afford what you like…hell, if it works, get it! More money will come later, if things go well….

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> > I know a place that supposedly has the The Perfect Drug promo CD for $15. Is it worth buying? Does it have any tracks that won’t be on the Lost Highway soundtrack coming out in 2 weeks?
> do you want it? then it’s worth buying.

What if it cost a hundred bucks. What if it cost a thousand. One may want it, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth buying.

Discarding the philosophical ramblings being touched on here, I’d say…no. If it’s the same promo CD i’ve got (friend at a music store gave it to me), it’s only got two tracks. TPD, and a shorter version for radio stations that don’t like songs over 5 minutes. I wouldn’t pay the $15 for that…

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Just tossing out a question into the void (this being my first foray into a.p.t)…

The only exposure I have had to taoism as of yet is through happening upon the book The Tao of Pooh a few years ago. I’m quite glad I found the book and the ideas presented in it when I did, as it did a lot to keep me from going over the deep end at that time in my life. I am curious, however, as to how well it presents the principles of taoism. What I read I liked, and have kept with me since then, and I’m becoming more interested in exploring this further. What may be some good books to start learning more about this with? Any help/ideas would be appreciated. (And it appears this turned into a few seperate questions…. Ah, well.)

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Nils Dahlmann-Resing wrote:

I do not know how to print postscript files I got off the net without a helper application on a MAC, though the printer is a postscript printer. Any idea?

A shareware utility called Drop*PS (the * is really a bullet) will work wonders, as long as all you want to do is print. Drag the .ps file onto Drop*PS, and it sends the postscript data directly to the printer to interpretet it. Nice ‘n simple…

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Was wondering if anyone had attempted an install of NetBSD on a mac…?
Anyone attempted a firewall system like this…?

I’ve currently got a Performa600cd, which is networked in my apartment to two Win95 machines and a Unix server running FreeBSD. Ethernet connects all the machines, and we’re using TCP/IP to communicate among the various machines (as Win95 apparently doesn’t support AppleTalk).

Problems: Haven’t found a way to get filesharing going yet. The Winboxes don’t support AppleTalk (which would be easiest on my end), and I haven’t found anything to let my Mac recognize the Winboxes (at least in a filesharing type setup). Currently we’re telnetting/ftp’ing among the boxes to get files back and forth. Works, but a bit of a kludge. Also, haven’t been able to get a completely uesable proxy/firewall system running on the Unix server yet. My roommate found a version of SOCKS to run that Netscape is recognizing without a problem, but few other of my Internet clients recognize SOCKS. The only programs I’ve found that have SOCKS options available are Fetch and Anarchie, neither of which will work outside of our intranet. We’ve also been unable to find proxy setups to put on the FreeBSD-based Unix server, so I can’t configure those options in my programs. End result…Anarchie, Fetch (to a limited degree), Telnet, and Netscape work fine from machine to machine within our apartment, but only Netscape is able to travel outside our apartment. Luckily, Netscape does support E-mail and Usenet, but I’d still much rather be running Newswatcher and Eudora.

Possible solution: Installing NetBSD on my box to let me run Unix, and start figuring how to connect things from there. I’m just unsure how useable/stable the current (1.1) release of NetBSD is, and whether it would be worth the time to experiment with.

Pertinent Info:

  • 1 Macintosh Performa600cd w/FPU 20/510 (one 160Mb internal and one 350Mb external) running 7.5.3 (with Open Transport).
  • 2 Win95 boxes
  • 1 FreeBSD 2.2.1 Unix server
  • All machines connected via Ethernet
  • Single ppp dialup line to connect to my local ISP via a 28.8 modem connection

Feel free to re: to Usenet, but I’d appreciate it if you’d cc: the message to me (wo…@alaska.net), as I’m none to thrilled with Netscape’s Usenet interface, and have a tendency to ignore it for days at a time.

Many thanks ahead of time for any possible help…

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[Note: This was originally written back when I was hand-coding my pages. Original entry is here.]

You know, I just do not pay enough attention to this fool page. (grin) Anyway, another Woody is up at Web Wide Woodys, and I’ve finally started updating my Club Events Schedule again. (shrug) I’ll get back on the ball one of these days…

Public Notice: I am considering nuking just about everything presently on my webspace sometime in the near future, to set up a site for local Anchorage bands. Questions, comments, words of wisdom are appreciated…just e-mail me!

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[Note: This was originally written back when I was hand-coding my pages. Original entry is here.]

Last night (well, actually a week or two ago, but I just investigated it last night) one of the Woodys told me about the Made with Macintosh campaign promoting websights using Macintosh compters in their design, so I joined the campaign and added the logo to the bottom of my main page. Also finally got around this morning to translating my resume into html format, and it’s up and running. Nifty keen…