TechNewsWorld commentary mention

Romm pointed out a mention of me in a commentary piece on TechNewsWorld that was published a couple of weeks ago. It’s a nice mention, too, as in addition to the standard ‘another fired blogger’ mention, the author also follows up with my reaction to the incident, and contrasts it to Ellen ‘Queen of Sky’ Simonetti’s Bloggers’ Bill of Rights campaign.

Washington Post article on Blogging and Jobs

About two weeks ago, I spent some time being interviewed by Amy Joyce of the Washington Post about my expulsion from the Microsoft campus for an article she was working on about the potential pitfalls of blogging about one’s job. The article went live today: Free Expression Can Be Costly When Bloggers Bad-Mouth Jobs.

Bloggers’ Rights and Blogophobia

With the news of another weblogger losing his job because of posts on his weblog the issues of what webloggers can and cannot expect to be able to post on their weblogs has started bubbling ’round the blogosphere again. Now there’s a proposed Bloggers’ Bill of Rights — but how useful is it? And which companies should really be singled out?