Photo Flood Finished

I’ve finished uploading older photographs into my Flickr account for now. I’ve been concentrating on bigger ‘event’ things to put into sets, rather than everyday stuff. New sets since the previous update: The Jensonia Hotel fire, Kevin and Emily’s wedding, Bumbershoot ’03, Pride Day ’03, Bumbershoot ’02, Bumbershoot ’01, and Pride Day ’01.

The City Sleeps

So, the big news of the moment is that we appear to have an arsonist running around Seattle. Thirteen fires in the North Seattle area over the past three days, the majority of which have been definitely determined to be arson, and now there’s a reward being offered of up to $30,000 for information leading to an arrest.

Sounds like it’s closed

I passed a TV news crew either filming a report for later or broadcasting live, and overheard the reporter say that Jensonia residents were only being let in the building to retrieve personal belongings, and that the Red Cross is going to be assisting them find places to live. Sounds like the Jensonia finally got shut down.


Going to my window, I looked down the four stories to the street and saw fire trucks all over the place — one heading down the street to the west of our building, another diagonally across the intersection of 8th and Seneca, a Fire Department blazer parked on the lawn of Town Hall, and I could see reflections from another set of emergency lights in the window of the building across the street.