Are good readers more likely to give up on maths?: “None of this means that we should stop efforts to counter stereotypes about girls’ aptitude for maths and science versus reading. But it does suggest that much of the impact of these stereotypes occurs not at the point at which girls choose a career, but many years earlier.”

Trademark this, Aggies!

Given that Texas A&M is [up in arms over the Seahawks’ use of the ’12th Man’ phrase][1] — which the Aggies have actually trademarked — I must agree with [this idea][2] that popped up in LiveJournal’s [[seattle's info]]( “[seattle’s info]”)[**seattle**]( “[seattle]”) group.

[1]: “KOMO: Just whose ’12th Man’ is it?”
[2]: “seattle: anyone up for making some trademark circumventing t-shirts?”

Someone needs to make t-shirts with the following (forgive the slightly clumsy formatting, I’m not familiar enough with [MathML][3] to actually make it work completely correctly, and apparently Safari doesn’t even [display MathML correctly][4], so it wouldn’t matter anyway…):

[3]: “W3C Math Home”
[4]: “Presentation Examples”

√144th Man