Life in Ellensburg: All Graduated and Employed!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve done much in the way of ‘real’ blogging. Believe me, I _know_ — it’s been bugging me. However, the reason for the delay has been for two very interconnected reasons: I don’t like blogging about things that are happening until they’ve actually happened, and I’ve been a lot busier here than I expected to be. It’s all for good reasons, though — Ellensburg has been treating me very well, as it turns out.

Thoughts on Inception

As good as it is, I don’t find _Inception_ to be a perfect film. Some of the things that bothered Prairie bothered me as well as I was watching it. Interestingly, some of these very things end up making more sense — or, at the very least, become less troubling — when viewed in the light of one of the more interesting interpretations of the film.

Adventures in Holiday Weekend Driving

Because it was the front of the pipe that had come loose, the rear of the pipe was still tied to the bed, so the pipe was being pushed forward against the asphalt, throwing up sparks, and it was immediately obvious that it could go swinging to the side at any moment, very likely snapping free of the remaining ties and flying loose into traffic.

Vancouver, WA Fireworks

It turns out that Vancouver is one of those weird places where fireworks are actually legal to set off within the city limits on July Fourth, and nearly every house in Prairie’s mom’s neighborhood was getting in on the action. Since this was something I’d never experienced, Prairie and I took a short walk around the neighborhood to see some of the local explosive entertainment.