Linkdump for October 2nd through November 9th

Sometime between October 2nd and November 9th, I thought this stuff was interesting. You might think so too!

My brain hurts

Wow…there’s nothing quite like a [Slashdot discussion of theoretical physics][1] to make me feel _really_ unintelligent.

[1]: “/.: Famous Hawking Black Hole Bet Resolved?”

What I understand is very interesting. Unfortunately, that’s not very much.

From 299,792,458 m/s to 0

Fun with science — physicists have just managed to (very briefly) [stop light in its tracks][1]!

[1]: “Physicists Briefly Freeze Pulse of Light”

> The research differs from work published in 2001 that was hailed at the time as having brought light to standstill. In that work, light pulses were technically “stored” briefly when individual particles of light, or photons, were taken up by atoms in a gas.


> Harvard University researchers have now topped that feat by truly holding light and its energy in its tracks – if only for a few hundred-thousandths of a second. “We have succeeded in holding a light pulse still without taking all the energy away from it,” said Mikhail D. Lukin, a Harvard physicist.

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