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[From the IRN: 11.12.91 1735]

[Note: This was originally a post to the IRN, run by Royce for a few years in the early ’90s. I’m including it here for completeness. Originally archived here.]

#090 ACAD2A::ASRDW1 Tue 12 Nov 1991 08:24:00 ( 3/ 76) M

From: Royster
Subject: Well, how about this one –

(it’s about time)

If you met yourself on the street, what would you think?

#11 ACAD2A::ASMDH Tue 12 Nov 1991 17:35:26 ( 17/ 623) M

From: The Woodmeister
Subject: Re: Well, how about this one –

If I met me, poetry would spring to my mind (both of them):

A single rose
Shoved up your nose
You lick my toes
While in repose
My mother knows
Where Einstein goes
I’m in the throes
Of melanoma

Why? Because it is probably one of my few truly creative joint efforts with a friend, and as such, I am immeasurably proud of it, twisted though it may be. Therefore, when I saw me, each of me would remember the poem, start laughing, and go on our merry ways, only to have simultaneous nervous breakdowns at a later date, when the concept of the world having to cope with two of me actually beat its way into my intellect.