An Open Letter: I’m a Liberal

An open letter to those who don’t know me yet, or have just met me recently enough that my not-at-all-closeted political leanings have not yet become blindingly obvious: I’m a liberal, and a pretty far left-leaning liberal that that.

Linkdump for April 16th through April 19th

An automatically generated list of links that caught my eye between April 16th and April 19th.

Mechanical Life and Intelligent Design

‘…this is proof that Autobots were not assembled on Cybertron by hurricanes or any other means envisioned by Darwin, and were Intelligently Designed. That makes the Transformers series a compelling parable for ID, and I expect several of this year’s Republican presidential candidates to recommend the movies on that basis alone.’

To: Pat Robertson. Your Pal, Satan.

I know that you know that all press is good press, so I appreciate the shout-out. And you make God look like a big mean bully who kicks people when they are down, so I’m all over that action. But when you say that Haiti has made a pact with me, it is totally humiliating. I may be evil incarnate, but I’m no welcher.

Manufactured Controversy

If the ID folks actually were to do the work involved in creating such a theory, doing the experimentation and observation necessary to back it up and get their work peer reviewed, it WOULD be accepted by science. Unfortunately, the main proponents of Intelligent Design Theory have no interest in doing that; they’d rather just fabricate controversy, pretending that the mean-old scientists just won’t let them play because scientists hate Christians.

Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham

Y’know, it’s really sad that this kind of polite, civil, and amusing discourse is so rarely seen these days. Two people on _very_ different sides of an issue who, rather than loudly proclaiming their absolute certainty that they are _right_ and the other is _wrong_, are able to amiably chat and joke with each other about the differences in their viewpoints.