Linkdump for March 30th from 13:25 to 16:32

An automatically generated list of links that caught my eye between 13:25 and 16:32 on March 30th.

Pushing Daisies: Candy-Coated Family Friendly?

Pushing Daisies is one of our favorite shows on TV right now — wonderfully quirky, and often feels to me like what might have happened if _Edward Scissorhands_-era Tim Burton had gone into television. The Disney Weblog has been doing weekly wrapups, and something about this week’s review got under my skin a little bit.

Heterosexual Questionnaire

There are multiple versions of this floating around on the ‘net, and I’ve run across the concept before, but I saw this particular version for the first time this week in my Women’s Studies class, where it got a lot of laughs and some good discussions going.