Sheldon Cooper’s Holographic Laptop

So I noticed something that amused me while watching Big Bang Theory the other night — apparently Sheldon has a holographic display on his laptop. The real-world explanation, of course, is the conceit of television’s visual language, but that’s not nearly as much fun to believe.

21st Century Television (Part One)

Cable and broadcast TV are no more for us. Instead, we have our personal DVD library, DVDs we order from Netflix, the entire Netflix on-demand library, and, for the current-run TV shows we want to keep up with, I simply download them and toss them into the Roksbox library for us to watch commerical-free at our leisure.

Law and Order and the Lakewood Shootings

I’m finding myself quite intrigued by my reactions as I watched last night’s Law and Order, which was based loosely on the Lakewood police shootings of last fall. When I saw last week’s promos for this episode, I had wondered about the possibility of it being a fictionalized take on the Lakewood shootings, but it was soon quite obvious that this was the case.

Star Trek Original Series DVD Choices Suck

I don’t want my only option to be the new, George Lucas inspired, new special effects versions. I want the show that my dad introduced me to. The show that had me pointing excitedly somewhere behind me and over my shoulder, exclaiming ‘Speeeeshhh!’ as the _Enterprise_ flew by in the opening credits. The show I grew up with.

Pushing Daisies: Candy-Coated Family Friendly?

Pushing Daisies is one of our favorite shows on TV right now — wonderfully quirky, and often feels to me like what might have happened if _Edward Scissorhands_-era Tim Burton had gone into television. The Disney Weblog has been doing weekly wrapups, and something about this week’s review got under my skin a little bit.